Happy Chicken and why I am painting chickens!

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I am back on the saddle again and this time I am painting Chickens. More than trying to prove my genius via my painting I am painting chickens to discover all of the wonderful lessons chickens have to share with me and with the world.. Chickens chickens everywhere.. Oh how I love Chickens and I know they love me and you!

Me first chicken is a Wyandotte and the secret this chicken brings is HAPPY pure and simple. Chickens know what makes them happy they know their core genius and live it to a full and they do not let anything get in their way.. from eating yuummmy green grass, to lots of bugs and whatever their little hearts desire.. they do it and they do it well.

What is your core genius? How can you live it more perfectly.. aske the Chicken to help you fulfill your core genius and watch all your hearts loves and desires come true!

For the LOVE OF CHICKENS>> yeeeehaaa! Enjoy
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