Happy Chinese New Year The Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone. This year, the year of the Rooster is going to be a very special year for all of that and why is that… well it is because it is the year of the Rooster and the Rooster is just AWESOME. You may think I am just saying that because the Rooster is my year and guess what, wrong! “I” am not the year of the Rooster I am actually the year of the Snake.. so there you have it… I am not biased at all! I just have that warm fuzzy feeling that the year of the Rooster will be simply AMAZING and maybe it is because I used to have a family of Hens with one AMAZING ROOSTER! His name was Dafne.. because we thought he was a female and then he became the magnificent DAFODIL when we saw he was Rooster and well DAFFODIL WAS AN AMAZING ROOSTER… NO WORDS NECESSARY … SO HERE IS TO YOU*** AND HERE IS TO ME*** AND HERE IS TO THE GREAT CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE ROOSTER Yeeeee haaaa… and a kakaaadooodle doooo..

Oh I just have one more thing to say… there is nothing and I mean NOTHING like hearing a rooster crow for the first time.. it is really the sweetest thing and I can still remember and see Daffodil cranking that neck and letting it rip for the first time.. I wish I had it on film, but I do not so.. here is a painting I painted in ODE to Dafne the Daffodil of a Rooster and for the Great Blessings of this Chinese New Year and ALL it has to bring.. buckle up and hang on, as we are all in for a magic carpet ride, even if on the back of a turtle. YUP that is right my rooster is on the back of a Turtle! Enjoy! and create an amazing life!

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