Happy Chinese New Year The Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone. This year, the year of the Rooster is going to be a very special year for all of that and why is that… well it is because it is the year of the Rooster and the Rooster is just AWESOME. You may think I am just saying that because the Rooster is my year and guess what, wrong! “I” am not the year of the Rooster I am actually the year of the Snake.. so there you have it… I am not biased at all! I just have that warm fuzzy feeling that the year of the Rooster will be simply AMAZING and maybe it is because I used to have a family of Hens with one AMAZING ROOSTER! His name was Dafne.. because we thought he was a female and then he became the magnificent DAFODIL when we saw he was Rooster and well DAFFODIL WAS AN AMAZING ROOSTER… NO WORDS NECESSARY … SO HERE IS TO YOU*** AND HERE IS TO ME*** AND HERE IS TO THE GREAT CHINESE NEW YEAR OF THE ROOSTER Yeeeee haaaa… and a kakaaadooodle doooo..

Oh I just have one more thing to say… there is nothing and I mean NOTHING like hearing a rooster crow for the first time.. it is really the sweetest thing and I can still remember and see Daffodil cranking that neck and letting it rip for the first time.. I wish I had it on film, but I do not so.. here is a painting I painted in ODE to Dafne the Daffodil of a Rooster and for the Great Blessings of this Chinese New Year and ALL it has to bring.. buckle up and hang on, as we are all in for a magic carpet ride, even if on the back of a turtle. YUP that is right my rooster is on the back of a Turtle! Enjoy! and create an amazing life!

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Happy Chicken and why I am painting chickens!

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I am back on the saddle again and this time I am painting Chickens. More than trying to prove my genius via my painting I am painting chickens to discover all of the wonderful lessons chickens have to share with me and with the world.. Chickens chickens everywhere.. Oh how I love Chickens and I know they love me and you!

Me first chicken is a Wyandotte and the secret this chicken brings is HAPPY pure and simple. Chickens know what makes them happy they know their core genius and live it to a full and they do not let anything get in their way.. from eating yuummmy green grass, to lots of bugs and whatever their little hearts desire.. they do it and they do it well.

What is your core genius? How can you live it more perfectly.. aske the Chicken to help you fulfill your core genius and watch all your hearts loves and desires come true!

For the LOVE OF CHICKENS>> yeeeehaaa! Enjoy
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The sound from all of us...

Follow The Light

The sound from all of us...

The sound from all of us…

Original Acrylic Painting

Title: ~ We All Learn With Time To Follow The Light ~
~~~~~~This Is The Sound Of All Of Us~~~~~~

Size: 40 x 16 x 1 3/4 inches
Painted on: gallery wrapped stretched canvas with edges painted
No need to frame, comes ready to hang!

Original Painting available in my Etsy Store: Spirit Companions..  this painting has been waiting for you.

Elephants and Giraffe’s united family as one, stand together each uniquely themselves, and yet they all have the same light that shines bright within them. They are following that light and inviting you to come along too!

Giraffe says: Listen to Your Heart
Elephant says: There is an inner knowing within you, you feel things deeply, and respond accordingly to each situation.
The Sun says: New beginnings await you, and your path will always be illuminated by the light!


A Hawk Swoops By

ODE to a HAWK.. driving home today.. I saw a hawk it swooped down ahead of me on the road.. and disappeared, and as I passed, where I saw it swoop, I wondered where it went and woooosh up from the right it flew right in front of my car! So close it flew that if I did not slow down, I would have hit him or her. The beautiful hawk flew in front of my car for a few timeless seconds… I came home and wrote the Hawk a poem and drew a quick sketch.. ODE to a HAWK

Ode to a Hawk:

Whenever I think of Thee
You arise

Whenever I think of Thee
You appear

Whenever I think of Thee
You fly by

Whenever I think of Thee
You are sitting perched close by

Whenever I think of Thee
I ponder what is it? that is soon to come clear?

Whenever I think of Thee
It is clear
It is you
Who let me know
To look up!
For lol You Are Here!

Whenever I think of Thee
It is clear
That it is your hawk silent whispers
Telling me
That you are near

Whenever I think of Thee
It is because you are the one
Already thinking of me
Wanting me to know you are near
and that I am very dear
Just as you too are very dear

Whenever I think of Thee
You Appear

ODE to a Hawk